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Candles in mouth blown black glass, in different sizes. The candle light on the dark glass, reflects a warm light.

Glenn Sestig for Mon Dada

The power of architecture and abstraction meets the indulging feel of a... 

  • A scent diffuser made out of mouth blown black glass with a black stick in it. And a small candle made out of the same mouth blown dark glass. The candle is lid and gives a warm glow.
  • A set of a diffuser, and 2 candles in different sizes. They are handmade out of mouth blown, black glass. The candle light shows slightly through the dark glass, which gives a warm glow.
  • Set of 3 handmade candles in different sizes. The candles are made out of black glass, and are mouth blown. The light from the candles reflects through the dark glass.
  • A handmade candle and diffuser, handmade out of mouth blown black glass.


Filling a jug with plant-based, toxic-free coconut and soy wax.

Our mission

We want to offer the most luxury products as eco-friendly as possible, without compromising on design. Sustainability is not just a promise, it's our driving force behind every decision made.

A little girl that gifted her mom a Mon Dada candle.

Made for gift-giving

Elevate your gifting with Mon Dada candles - crafted for the extraordinary. Our indoor candles and diffusers, housed in a lavish wooden gift box, redefine luxury. For a grand gesture, our XXXL candle arrives adorned with a handmade burlap bag, ensuring a truly exceptional gift-giving experience.

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Personalised corporate gift boxes, with personalised logo of the client's brand. In the boxes are handmade concrete candles.

Corporate Gifting

Looking for a gift to show gratitude towards your employees or clients? Stop looking further! Gift something they truly want with Mon Dada. Personalize your gifts up to your wishes. Ask for our corporate catalogue for more information.

Corporate Gifting
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  • Plant-based, toxic free coconut and soy wax.

    Natural Wax

    Our indoor candles are made from natural blended waxes, infused with the most unique perfumes from Grasse. We ensure that our indoor candles are clean burning and have an amazing scent throw.

  • Set of 3 outdoor candles that are handmade in concrete, and manufactured in Waregem.

    Outdoor Candles

    Our outdoor candles do not melt away in the sun! We created own our blend for our outside candles. They have a melt resistance of 60 degrees Celsius. So no worries about leaving them out on a hot summer day!

  • Candles that had just been filled with a bit natural wax. The craftsman is making sure the wicks are positioned straight.

    Handmade in Belgium

    Every candle is made in our own workspace, by a team of all female bosses. Momboss still leads the production.

    These hands are from Mom boss!

  • A pot of a burned out candle, which is filled with plants.

    Reuse as a planter

    Once your candle is finished, you can clean out the jar and reuse this unique handcrafted concrete pot as a new planter.

  • A little girl smiling and holding a Mon Dada giftbox, next to her mom.

    Made for Gift Giving

    All our products come in unique natural packaging that easily can be re-used. So our packaging is not only made for giving, but it can be reused as well. As we always think about our ecological footstep.

  • Outdoor candles in sienna, which is a warm colour.

    Bugs be gone!

    For our outside candles you have the choice to add BUG OFF melts; the anti-mosquito bar! It's a refreshing herbal blend based on the purest essential oils of eucalyptus, citronella, peppermint and lavender.
    And yes, it really works!

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A big rectangular candle with 3 wicks in light grey with darker grey stripes in the concrete, on a table.

Elevate your outdoor ambiance with Mon Dada's luxurious outdoor candles.

Lady boss of Mon Dada smiling. There are 2 handmade concrete candles burning in front of her

Dream big, chase hard, if you want to achieve goals.

President Trump revoked her work visa back in 2019 while she was working in the USA, and now Pauline runs a candle factory in her home country Belgium that enjoys worldwide success. From setback to triumph, the inspiring story of Mon Dada.


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  • Concrete boss mixing the concrete.
  • Export, hr & logistic boss carrying wooden boxes with candles.
  • Mom boss cutting the candle wicks to the perfect hight.
  • Candle boss pouring natural candle wax in pots.
  • Someone filling a jug with plant-based, toxic-free coconut and soy wax.
  • Multi boss helping the concrete team.
  • Candles with freshly poured natural wax.
  • Candle boss pouring black scented wax into a black pot to create a beautiful scented candle.
  • Freshly poured candles that are drying.
  • Logistic boss carrying a trans pallet full of wooden Mon Dada boxes.
  • The back of candles on which sticks cork on which is written "Mon Dada" and "makes life smell better in a natural way".
  • Export, hr & logistic boss smiling. She has a cap on her head with the Mon Dada logo.