Collection: Urban lamps

Mon Dada collections unveils exquisite 'Urban Lamps': Where artistry meets illumination....

The concrete lamps are crafted with passion and precision, made by hand. These lamps are a true statement to artistry, they offer a striking blend of urban aesthetics and fine craftsmanship. Every lamp is an exquisite work of art, entirely handcrafted from scratch. The mastermind behind this creation brings years of experience and innovation to life in each lamp. 

The full concrete base not only ensures stability but also showcases the elegance of minimalism and raw materials, making these lamps an ideal choice for any interior.



What to do when my candle is finished?

Turn your empty jars into planters!

Can I leave my outdoor candle outside during winter?

We give our jars a protective coating, making them water and dirt resistant, but unfortunately they are not intended to be left outside in freezing temperatures. So in the winter it is best to bring your candles or urban planters inside.

Can I leave my outdoor candle outside during hot summer days?

Our outside candles have a melt resistance of 60 degrees Celsius. So you can leave them outside during hot summer days.

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