Collection: Urban Indoor

The urban collections is the result of our obsession for craftsmanship. All our candles are handmade in our own atelier in Belgium. For our indoor candles we use only natural coconut and soy wax. We guarantee clean burning and an amazing scent throw.

In our indoor collection you can find the most refined perfumes with unique handcrafted concrete designs for a luxury living.

Contains concrete candles, diffusers & more....

 Original concrete candlemakers from Belgium, since 2019.

  • Black Sea

    top: citrus, sea salt

    middle: ozone, plum

    base: amber, dark musk

    Personality: mysterious, intriguing and seducing

  • Down To Earth

    top: sage, orange, grapefruit

    middle: lavender

    bottom: oak moss amber, tonka bean

    Personality: sensual, captivating and intriguing

  • Fire Me Up

    top: lemon

    middle: jasmine, iriswood, clove

    bottom: musk, tobacco, incense

    Personality: masculin, sexy, seducing and complex

  • Desire Sky

    top: yuzu, pear, mandarin

    middle: ylang-ylang, plum

    bottom: hinoki, apricot wood, patchouli

    Personality: vibrant, summer, exotic and feminin

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What to do when my candle is finished?

Turn your empty jars into planters!

Can I leave my outdoor candle outside during winter?

We give our jars a protective coating, making them water and dirt resistant, but unfortunately they are not intended to be left outside in freezing temperatures. So in the winter it is best to bring your candles or urban planters inside.

Can I leave my outdoor candle outside during hot summer days?

Our outside candles have a melt resistance of 60 degrees Celsius. So you can leave them outside during hot summer days.

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