Candle Care

Here you will read everything on how to maintain your candles in the best possible way, which will help you make the most out of your beautiful candles.

Concrete boss touching sand which she will turn into concrete to manufacture Mon Dada candles. She's wearing gloves for safety.

Product of luxury craftsmanship

Our candles are the result of our obsession with craftsmanship. Each jar is handmade by our own team of female bosses in our atelier in Belgium. Each jar is unique in shape, size and color shades.

Use your candle properly

When you light your candle the first time, make sure to leave your candle burn long enough until all the wax has become liquid on the whole surface. This way you make sure that the candle will nicely burn towards the edges.

When the whole surface has become liquid, you should not let your candle burn for more than an hour.

Make sure to always light all the wicks, otherwise your candle won’t burn evenly, which is a waste.

Never leave a lit candle unattended, especially around children and pets. You’re playing with fire here, so keep that in mind while enjoying our extraordinary candles.

Never place a lit candle to close to flammable objects as well as never placing your candle on precious surfaces. You should always place your candle on a flat, heat-resistant surface.

Extinguishing an indoor candle, can be done with a snuffer to avoid smoke and any splashing of liquid hot wax.

Taking care of the wicks

After a burn, before the wax has become solid, you should reposition the wicks to their initial place, if needed. Make sure that after a burn, the wick is not drowning. Otherwise, when the wax becomes solid, you won’t find this wick anymore.

Our candles don’t need to be trimmed before the first burn, and our outdoor candles never need to be trimmed! When you notice after burning a candle, that the wick is too long, and/or is starting to deform, you should gently cut the wicks. Wicks that are too long, will create more smoke and will more easily fall into the wax, making the wick unusable.

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