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Urban lamp 001

Urban lamp 001

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Mon Dada collections unveils exquisite 'Urban Lamps': Where artistry meets illumination

The concrete lamps are crafted with passion and precision, designed and made by hand by the artist boss. These urban lamps are a true statement to artistry, they offer a striking blend of urban aesthetics and fine craftsmanship.

Every lamp is an exquisite work of art, entirely handcrafted from scratch. The mastermind behind this creation brings years of experience and innovation to life in each lamp. This level of dedication and skill is a testament to the quality and uniqueness of each piece.

The urban concrete lamps have a sturdy concrete base. These lamps have a substantial and heavy foundation, adding a touch of industrial chic to your space. The full concrete base not only ensures stability but also showcases the elegance of minimalism and raw materials, making these lamps an ideal choice for any interior.

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